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DVD - Tangovideo with Emile, Hülya and Nazan (Stuttgart - Heidelberg, Germany)

Emile, Hülya & Nazan are experienced dance teachers with a broad understanding of both salon and stage tango. Tango awakes in them an enjoyment of experimentation and life. They are creative, playing with the music to open new avenues of interpretation.

"With this Tango teaching video we want to bring out the fundamentals of the Tango Argentino.
We want to speak to both beginner and advanced dancer." (Emile Sansour)

          Part 1 (Beginners, 30 minutes teaching) + 1 example performance
          Part 2 (Advanced, 3 x 15 minutes teaching) + 2 example performances

          Total length: 90 minutes

tango_HAUPTMENU_en_web.jpg Introduction

       Deutsch -  English -  Français -  Italiano -  Español -  Türkçe

Content: Clips in various languages

tangoDVD_01_web Performance with elements of the beginner´s course (Hülya & Emile)
tangoDVD_02_web The Basic Steps (Deutsch: Emile Sansour)
tangoDVD_03_web Ocho (English: Peter Winn)
tangoDVD_04_web Boleo (Français: Karine Ghesquiere)
tangoDVD_05_web Gancho (Italiano: Luisa Baravalle)
tangoDVD_06_web Sacada (Español: Paloma Muñoz-Alustiza)
tangoDVD_07_web Barrida (Türkçe: Nazan Greiner)
tangoDVD_08_web Performance with elements of the advanced part (Nazan & Emile)

To order via www.amazon.de (Keywords: tango dvd).

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